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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is revolutionizing the way patients experience healthcare, offering numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for individuals and families alike. Here’s why you should consider DPC for your healthcare needs:

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare where patients pay a monthly membership fee directly to their primary care provider. This fee covers a comprehensive range of primary care services without involving insurance companies or third-party payers.

1. Personalized and Accessible Care

With DPC, you have direct access to your primary care provider without the hassle of long wait times for appointments, and will even offer same day or next day visits. DPC physicians like Dr. Lily Girson prioritize building strong doctor-patient relationships, providing personalized care tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

2. Comprehensive Services at a Predictable Cost

DPC memberships typically cover a wide range of services, including preventive care, acute care visits, chronic disease management, minor procedures, and even telemedicine consultations, all for a predictable monthly fee. This transparent pricing model eliminates surprise medical bills and allows you to budget for your healthcare expenses effectively. Don’t forget, NO COPAYS, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses for covered services.

3. Longer Appointment Times and No Rushed Visits

Unlike traditional primary care practices, where appointments are often rushed and providers are pressed for time, DPC physicians have the flexibility to spend more time with each patient. This means you can discuss your concerns in-depth, ask questions, and receive personalized attention without feeling rushed or overlooked.

4. Enhanced Communication and Support

DPC practices prioritize open communication via cell, text or email and proactive support for their patients. Whether it’s answering questions via phone calls or messaging, providing guidance on lifestyle changes, or coordinating care with specialists, DPC physicians like Dr. Girson are readily available to support you on your healthcare journey.

5. Focus on Preventive Care and Wellness

Prevention is key to maintaining good health and preventing the onset of chronic diseases. DPC emphasizes preventive care through regular check-ups, screenings, and proactive management of risk factors. By focusing on wellness and early intervention, DPC helps you stay healthy and avoid costly medical complications down the road.

6. Reduced Healthcare Costs

By eliminating the administrative overhead and third-party billing associated with traditional healthcare models, DPC practices can operate more efficiently and pass those savings onto patients. Additionally, DPC encourages proactive management of health conditions, which can help prevent costly hospitalizations and emergency room visits. DPC practices, like Mindful Medicine and Wellness MD, partner with wholesale pharmacies and national labs to provide patients with both medications and blood work at up to 90% off insurance based prices.

7. Greater Physician Satisfaction

DPC allows physicians like Dr. Lily Girson to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced – with a focus on building relationships, delivering high-quality care, and prioritizing patient well-being. This leads to greater job satisfaction for providers, which ultimately translates to better care for patients.

8. Flexibility and Convenience

DPC offers greater flexibility and convenience compared to traditional healthcare models. With same-day or next-day appointments, telemedicine options, and extended office hours, DPC practices accommodate your busy schedule and make it easier to access the care you need, when you need it.

In conclusion, Direct Primary Care with Dr. Lily Girson offers a patient-centered approach to healthcare that prioritizes accessibility, affordability, and quality. With personalized care, comprehensive services, and a focus on prevention and wellness, DPC is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking for a better healthcare experience. Experience the difference with Dr. Lily Girson at Mindful Medicine and Wellness MD – contact us today to learn more about Direct Primary Care or schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Girson was the first doctor in many years to actually take the time to understand my holistic health concerns. She is both empathetic and knowledgeable, listening to what I said and hearing what I could not articulate. Thanks to her, i feel better than I have in many years.
Naa Yirenkyi
Dr. Lily Girson has a caring bedside manner and spends a lot of time with my daughters and I. She focuses on preventive care but is skilled at diagnosing when issues arise.she leverages technical tools but is warm and listens attentively to concerns during appointments.
Shawna Koch Mishael


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